Headlight Restoration is a smart choice!

Replacement headlights can cost over $500 each. Headlight tech uses a cost effective process to restore your car, truck, van and R/V headlight lenses to look new again.

Giving your car that “BRAND NEW” bright eyed look is not only our motto, but our goal. Over time, the natural ultra violet rays of the sun and acid rain can cause plastic headlight enclosures to become yellow, clouded, foggy and virtually non transparent. In most cases an average of 75 – 90% of light is lost, making it unsafe to drive at night.

After the restoration process lights will regain their original clarity and shine, as a result brighter and focused. Protect your investment and your family.

Headlight Tech is a smart choice!

We have worked in the automotive industry for over 25 years. We restore headlight and tail light lenses on all makes and models.

Headlight tech uses a three step process with an end result that will outlast others. Sealing the headlights is what makes the final step so important. We apply a sealer that protects the lens and prevents the return of the yellow clouded surface.

We look forward to improving the appearance and safety of your vehicle.